Custom Cages

How Does it Work?


All of our services begin with a consultation. In most cases, this can be done via phone, email, or zoom.  We will nail down your pets' specific needs such as minimum square footage, ventilation and heat needs, etc. We will also talk about what size/type of enclosure will fit in your space and any other ways you want to utilize it (e.g. storage, tv stand, etc.).

After we create a design together, I will give you an estimated cost based on expected labor and materials. 

All custom enclosure consultations are free!


Before starting on your order, I do require a $100 deposit. This is non-refundable; however, should you choose not to purchase the finished product, you may use your deposit towards the purchase of a different product for up to 12 months from the payment of your deposit.

Building Process

Cages typically take between 3-6 weeks to build. I will check in with you throughout the building process to make sure you are happy with design choices as we go. 


About 1 week before your order is ready, I will give you a final cost. This will NOT be more than the estimated cost unless you have requested substantial changes to the original design.

Payment must be received in full before pick-up/delivery of your order.


When your order is ready, you may schedule a time to pick up. I also offer delivery on small to medium sized orders within 20 miles of Chattanooga for a flat $50 fee.

*It is important to note that the following items are NOT included in cage purchase:

Please be sure to add these as necessary. All of our cages include chew-resistant elements, but most animals (especially rodents) WILL CHEW on their cages if they do not have adequate enrichment. 

Recommendations on heat, humidity, and substrate can be made during our initial consultation.